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Now Enrolling Children (6 Weeks-12 Years) for New Alphabet Learning Center #3

Special Programs


Enrichment Programs


We provide enrichment programs for all children.

o  Reading programs through the Brookfield Public Library

Each week a librarian from the Brookfield Public Library comes to the day care center and shares many different stories and books for all the children to hear. The librarian also plays interactive games with the children in order to provide them with the best story reading experience. We also coordinate with the librarians on their choice of reading material depending on different holidays and events that occur throughout the month.

o  Music program

Ms. Clara from Joyfull Learning Center in Brookfield come to the center once a month to provide music instruction.  They uses instruments to teach about rhythm, timing, and music history.  They also engages the children using seasonally themed songs with movement and repetition. We have special guests that come into the center once a month to provide music instruction. 

o  Science

Learning early on about science is very important in developing a child’s mind. By adding exciting lessons to the science class, the children not only have fun, but they learn quicker through a hands on method. With the use of safe experiments such as erupting volcanoes, chemical reactions, density experiments, and color projects, the children receive a better understanding about what they are learning.  Each class implements a science program starting as early as our toddlers!

o  STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Math)

Gaining early introduction to STEM subjects has never been as important as it is today.

We feel that it is important to surround the children with many different activities throughout their day in order to perpare them for lifelong success. STEM activities  develop the creative problem solving abilities that allow children to excel as learners.  Our Science activities help teach: Observation, Experimentation, Questioning, and Cause and Effect.  Our Technology activites help teach: Logic and Reasoning, Problem Solving, and Innovation.  Our Engineering activities help teach: Design, Logic, Problem Solving, Fine and Gross Motor Skills and Trial and Error.  Our Math activities help teach: Counting and Cardinality Measurment, Geometry, and Spatial Sense. 

 o  Reading Comprehension

Ms. Sima a storyteller from Kohl's Childrens Museum visits us once a month to engage the children in Reading Comprehaesion.

Reading and listening is a very important skill to develop in the early years.  By reading a story and asking simple questions you can ensure that children are listening and understanding a story.  Teachers follow the story with a project that relates back to the reading they just heard, further reinforcing the story.

o   Art Appreciation

Children should be exposed to all mediums of art. During this class they will use different mediums, ie crayons, markers, pastels, water colors, clay and paint, to create their own masterpieces.  The art teacher will show the children how to use the medium and they will create their own work of art.  The children will also be exposed to art hisotry by viewing paintings and the artist who created them.

o   Yoga

Ms. Stephanie from Joyfull Learning Center engages the children in dance and simple yoga poses.  She also teaches about cooling down and relaxing our bodies.  The children dance and move then have a cool down relaxation pose.  The children love to move to Ms. Stephaine's music.


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