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Now Enrolling Children (6 Weeks-12 Years) for New Alphabet Learning Center #3

2 Years- When Major Milestones are Reached

Practical skills

  • First name
  • Age
  • Gender

Reading readiness

  • Color identification
  • Rhymes
  • Sitting for a story
  • Some days of the week
  • Some months of the year

Math readiness

  • Rote counting (1-10)
  • Identify shapes (traditional/ non-traditional)


  • Animals
  • Seasons
  • Human body
  • Weather

Social studies

  • Health and safety
  • Community helpers


  • Historical figures
  • Holidays

Each child develops in a predictable sequence of steps and milestones. They may not proceed through the steps in the same order or timeline, but each milestone must be reached in order for the child to develop adequately. The child’s development is greatly influenced by its environment. By the two-year-old mark, most children are ready for some type of preschool/ child care for educational enrichment and socialization.

During the second year of life, language skills blossom and the child begins to speak in complete sentences. This is also the stage where the groundwork for reading and writing is laid. Pretend play is also a critical part of the second year of life, as well as outdoor activities. A good child care center will focus its activities for this age group around these milestones.  

Children learn best in childcare when they are actively engaged. They are naturally curious and develop preferences for specific activities at this age. When considering a childcare center / Preschool for your 2 year old, ask questions about the activity structure and the experience of the staff.

Caring for 2 year olds is more than playing games and finger paints. It is critical that there is a curriculum, specifically geared towards children in this age group. We start an Early Preschool Curriculum which focuses on shapes (early Math) and colors (early Reading).  The children do a mixture of activities and projects which incorporate these themes.  They also work on Language skills and early letter recognition.

If the child is not reaching certain milestones, a skilled and well-educated child care worker will inform the parents of the deficiency and develop a plan to get the child back on track. This is where a babysitter differs from a professional / education based child care setting. 

The ratio in this room is 1 teacher to 8 children.


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